Is Diphtheria Vaccine Safe Given to Pregnant Women

When diphtheria is endemic, children along with adults get vaccinated against this virus. Then what about pregnant women? Let's see if diphtheria vaccine needs to be given during pregnancy and how it is safe. Diphtheria can attack anyone, including pregnant women. Diphtheria vaccination can be used to protect themselves and the fetus. Mothers do not need to worry, because generally the potential risk of vaccines that may occur is much smaller than the benefits obtained. In addition there is no evidence of risk to the fetus due to vaccines that do not contain live bacteria or viruses. Among the safe vaccines given to pregnant women, is the diphtheria vaccine, because it does not contain live bacteria. DTP vaccine for pregnant women Diphtheria / Tetanus / Pertussis (DTP) Vaccine In addition to providing protection against diphtheria, this vaccine also provides immune system against tetanus and whooping cough (pertussis), including in infants. The DTP type Tdap vaccine is recomm…
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